Since 2003

Computer equipment sales

Tired of your existing PC but totally confounded as to what to purchase next?


We often have stock of a particular laptop or PC on the shelf, but we prefer to match the computer to the individual, so we would prefer you came to the office for a discussion about what you have at the moment and what you want to replace it with. With our help, we can make the right decision for you and quickly obtain what you need.


Our service consists of taking everything from your old system, setting up the new one and delivering and installing it at your place at a convenient time.


We will connect everything and leave you “ready to go” after around an hour and a half.  Not only can we provide you with a PC replacement, but Mac, and tablets too. We also happily sell screens, printers and most peripherals all of which can be delivered and set up on the day.


We do not like to sell second-hand equipment as it has already been discarded by one user, meaning the next user is unlikely to get much more out of it. We do make exceptions for good causes however and we will sometimes have a perfectly good discarded PC that can be turned around for a club or society.

We know your PC is much more important to you these days and to be without it when it is broken is bad enough. Having to wait for the manufacturer to repair it can be frustrating as they can sometimes take 2-3 weeks to do so and worryingly, there is no guarantee that your data is protected.


So, instead of the free manufacturer's warranty, for a small charge, we will do the repair instead, so you'll get it back more quickly and without data loss (as long as the drive is accessible). We will provide the following service to you for the price of £50 a year inc VAT - that's only £4.17 a month for peace of mind. You can buy up to 3 years per machine. You will be given a Warranty Card that will need to be presented should the need arise.


What we will do:

  • If it's broken, we'll fix it  no charge and no quibble

  • Data recovery/protection included

  • Fast fix - finding out what is wrong takes the longest, but fixing is quick, so we aim to fix it within 7 days (some parts unfortunately take a while to arrive, but when they do, we will move at speed)

  • All replacement parts will be new and will have their own warranty associated for 1 year

  • There will be no limit to the number of repairs - until one of us gets fed up and then we will (after the 3rd repair) replace with a new machine


For obvious reasons, this will not cover the following:

  • Damage to the installed software, operating system etc

  • Virus/malware/ransomware removal


Completely Mac fluent as well as PC