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We are based in Crapstone, near Yelverton and regularly visit Plymouth & Tavistock, but will literally travel any distance if you want us badly enough.

Suspect your PC is infected?

Are you battling against constant pop-ups? Is your PC having trouble switching itself on? Being inundated with suspicious messages offering to remove viruses from your PC - provided of course you send across all your bank details to the supposed "IT support team"? Or are emails being sent from your inbox without your permission?


Clicking on the wrong link in an email, landing on the wrong webpage, or failing to have the correct anti-malware measures in place, can have serious repercussions for your computer and for the security of your personal data. Act now, and give us a call!

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Virus removal
  • Malware and spyware removal

  • Computer re-formatting

  • Advice on internet and PC security

  • Systems security check-ups