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Laptop and PC sales

Friendly and effective service

Jargon free help on everything from what equipment to buy and how to get the most from the internet. We can help you deal with your ISP in order to get the best from your internet, we can also find out why it isn’t working as well as it should.

What we offer

Annual PC clean-up and software upgrade check including anti-virus once a year. Expert spyware and adware removal. Fault-finding and troubleshooting on the spot for most things except the very serious where the item may need to be looked at more closely in the workshop.


Home visit at your convenience. Teaching on many diverse subjects and applications. Our classroom and workshop is your home or office. Visit times to suit, even outside office hours by arrangement 0830 - 2030.


No costly call out charges. Low hourly rates (see what will it cost).

We offer advice on internet domain names and email. Call:


Laptop and PC sales:


We prefer to sell quality equipment, sourced for the individual and tailored to suit, then delivered and installed.


We do not "build" PCs so you can be assured of a manufacturer's guarantee.